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Enhanced Test Equipment Suite

In the past few months, RHZ has enhanced its suite of equipment aimed at analyzing and inspecting our customers' pollution abatement and other industrial processing equipment. With these enhanced capabilities, our field technicians have provided very valuable insights on the operation of a variety of critical equipment to our customers.

Thermal imaging camera

The addition of a Fluke TI400 industrial thermal inspection camera has been invaluable in finding hot spots before they become visible, and before they cause problems. It's ideal for checking electrical panels and oxidizers for hot spots, and for checking heat exchanger integrity. The Fluke uses laser-guided pinpoint focus, which is crucial for obtaining accurate temperature readings, and particularly for pinpointing problem sites.

Below, you can see some examples of the type of inspection we perform, and the conclusions we can reach based on the thermal profile.

Temperature analysis of a combustion blower

Thermal inspection of the outside of an oxidizer unit


Bacharach PCA 3 combustion analyzerWe've added a Portable Combustion Analyzer (Bacharach Model PCA 3 with NOx and SOx upgrades) to our instrumentation. With this, RHZ can perform a complete combustion analysis on burners that use a variety of fuels, from methane to the new bio-diesels. In addition, we measure for both NOx and SOx, which are crucial components for MACT Compliance. A detailed report can be printed out, and handed to site personnel immediately after a test.

Portably vibration analysisVitec 654CS Portable Vibration AnalyzerPerforming vibration analysis in the vertical axis on a fan housing - An important piece of field hardware for us, we use this to check fan & motor vibrations. This will detect issues before they become problems. It has three modes of measurement for quick detection of low or high frequency vibration: displacement (mils), velocity (in/sec) and acceleration (G's). And it has the benefit of immediacy; vibration analysis doesn't take long to perform. On a typical system, all three main draft fans, and three combustion blowers can easily be checked in under two hours. In the past, self-serve vibration analysis has been terribly expensive, and very little time was actually spent measuring the equipment. Sites have been basically paying a rental fee for the use of a vibration analyzer by a trained technician. Fans are a part of almost every piece of equipment we work on, and being able to clearly convey information to a site about the condition of their fans and motors is a capability we have wanted for a long time.

Our new tools join our existing impressive pool of test and inspection equipment specifically selected to enhance our abilities as your Oxidizer Specialists. RHZ is as obsessive about maintaining our own equipment as we are about maintaining yours. (Sometimes we're not sure whether Russ loves his test equipment as much as his family, but it's a close thing.) In addition to our field computers, multimeters, and other routine electrical testing equipments, our kits also include anemometers (a TSI 9555 is typical) - The TSI 9555 is great for accurate air flow measurements. We use it with pitot tubes and a hot-wire anemometer. It has an adjustable sampling rate, and logging capabilities. It can measure air velocity, temperature, humidity, pressure. Real time calculations include air flow, heat flow, turbulence, wet bulb and dew point. Air flow is the life blood of your systems, we use these to check your systems' pulse. We measure source flows, balance your sources, and monitor overall air flow throughout the equipment. Anemometers are also critical for calibrating low range pressure transmitters. 

And for data collection and transfer, we prefer the Hart 375 Communicator with updated software - These work with all Hart-compatible devices. It allows us to create and save configuration data, which we use to test, trim, and troubleshoot eqiupment. We've used the Hart on a variety of pressure and temperature transmitters, as well as actuators.

There you have it. At RHZ, we obsess about finding the answers to your equipment questions. Our tools allow us to give you real information about your equipment, real solutions to your problems, and real peace of mind before your compliance inspections. Give us a call if you'd like Russ or one of our other technicians to take a look at your systems.